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Our Local Lead Finder will generate lists of leads for any keyword and any city in the world within 2 minutes. You can download CSV file with business name, full address, latitude, longitude, phone, email, category, claimed status, virtual tour, number of reviews, rating, website url and social media urls like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn , Yelp, YouTube, Pinterest

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Our local lead finder application will provide your sales teams the exact leads they want to close more deals.







Meet Local Lead Finder

Cloud based web application

We have choosen cloud based application so you don't need to install any additional lead finding application in your computer. You can access your leads from any device, any time and any corner of the world.

Very quick, Real time Lead Searching

You just need to input keyword, select city and click on search button, our application will find maximum local leads in less than 2 minutes.


Our application is in beta mode and we have not yet decided our pricing plan, it is completely free till we decide our pricing plans.

No daily limit on search

We don't want to put limit on search as we have enough resources to find local leads.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Local Lead Finder?

Local Lead Finder is cloud based SaaS application which generates number of B2B local leads by providing keyword and city within 2 minutes. It produce list of business that can be exported in CSV format, CSV file can be imported to your marketing automation software very easily.

Now you don't need to buy expired leads from third party seller who charges huge amount. Now you have your own applicatioin which finds very fresh leads that can be easily converted into sales.

How Local Lead Finder works?

It requires keyword and city to get started. You can provide any keyword of your choice and city from any corner of the world. It works for whole world. Once you click on search button it starts crawling publicly available data which matches your keyword and city. After collecting data crawler will start visiting thier website to collect email address and other social media links. Before producting the result applicaiton will validate data against many check points. After validating the data it produce very fresh local leads which is ready to be imported in your email marketing software.

Why it is free?

Currently our applicaiton is in beta version and we don't want to charge our beta users at all. Currently we are working on functionality where user can search for one keyword in different city same time so they don't need to provide same keyword for different city each time. We are going to add country search too where user can collect leads for sinlge keyword from whole country. To test new functionality we requires many beta users who can test our application in real time, this way our beta users don't need to pay any amount at all.

Who should use Local Lead Finder?

Anyone can use Local Lead Finder who sells service or product to other business like pharma company needs doctors, startup needs investors, cement company needs builder, plastic bottle producer needs other manufacturing company, this way each and every business needs other business list to close more deals. So anyone can use Local Lead Finder to grow their business.